Best Yoga Meditation Poses to Try Today

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Yoga meditation poses – we always feel happy to discuss this with you.

We all know that meditation is one essential part of yoga practice. Even though sitting with nothing on your mind for an hour may seem daunting and even impossible, it is an extremely popular and advantageous exercise. Today we will go through meditation and the idea behind it. We will also discuss the best yoga poses for meditation.

Meditation – what is this?

Meditation is much more than just sitting on the floor while trying to clear your mind. It is a technique that helps you learn how to encourage a heightened state of mind and awareness. This technique teaches you how to control your focus, mind, and attention fully. As you can imagine, maintaining your focus has exceptionally positive benefits for your well-being. (read more here)


Meditation benefits include gaining perspective about your actions in specific situations – when meditating, you build skills for managing your focus and stress level. Furthermore, you learn to stay focused on the present and reduce all the negative emotions in your life.

According to medical research, meditation is excellent for good mental health since it helps with dealing with sleep issues, headaches, high blood pressure, depression, and even anxiety, and asthma. It can help for real self-improvement and coping with personal problems.

yoga meditation poses
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Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is one of the critical parts of a good yoga practice for many people. Why? Because it helps you gain control over your mind and in building self-awareness. Even though many people believe that yoga and meditation are almost the same, they are wrong. There is a connection between the practices, but they can be done separately.

Yoga is a spiritual practice that comes over ages before. It is about meditating, physical movements, and breathing control. In fact, meditation in yoga is also known as ‘dhyana.’ It is a part of the practice used to form a connection with the universe by bringing yourself to a higher state of mind and consciousness.

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Best Meditation Poses for Yoga

As promised, we will share the best yoga poses for meditation, so you can easily find one or the ones that fit you the most. The perfect posture will make you feel comfortable, you will be balanced and stable, and your body will be aligned.

Cross-legged position

The most popular meditation yoga position is the cross-legged one, also known as Sukhasana. You should sit down on your mat with bones on the ground, then cross shin over another to come into a cross-legged position. Both of your feet should be underneath opposite knees.

Make sure that your shoulders are aligned with your hips and that your spin is in good form. Keep your head still, and start breathing. This position is easy and comfortable. You can always change the position a bit to be even more comfortable. It’s one of the best poses for meditation.

Virasana Pose

Virasana Pose is also known as Hero Pose, it is not hard, but you may need two or three tries until you get it right. Furthermore, it is excellent for some stretching. You should kneel on your mat and keep the knees together. Then you must bend at 90 degrees and separate the feet wider than the hips. The pose is completed when you lean forward and bend slightly at the knees while your hands are back to the calf muscles. Then you should roll the muscles out to the side and sink your sear to the floor. Rest your hands and enjoy.

You can use a blanket if the position is painful for the feet or knees. If you still feel pain – you should better go for another one.

Lotus Pose

The Lotus yoga pose for meditation has three levels, each progressing into a more difficult one. The first is known as Quarter Lotus – similar to Sukhasana. You should start sitting with crossed legs; your left foot has to stay on the floor, while your right one should be on the top of your left calf.

The second position is also known as Half Lotus – you should start sitting on the mat again, then bend the right knee and hug it close to your chest. While the soot of your right foot faces toward the sky, your right ankle should be creased to the left hip. Then the left knee has to cross the left ankle under the right knee. You can practice the opposite side too.

The third position is Full Lotus, which requires some flexibility and dedication since it is more complex than the previous ones. You should be sitting on the mat with your legs straight in front of you. The position is accomplished by bending your first leg, placing the foot on the opposite thigh, and then repeating with the other leg. After your legs are ready – your hands should be brought together in the prayer pose. Everything else is focus and breathing. Arguably it’s one of the best poses for meditation.


Tadasana, also known as the Mountain Pose, is a slightly different yoga meditation pose – a standing one. You should be standing up while your toe mounds are touching. Then all your toes should be spread wide before being placed back down. You should pull your quads upward and make your kneecaps rise. Rotate both your thighs and draw your belly in. The shoulders should be up and then rolled back as you release your breath.


Savasana is a wholly lying down position, loved by many since it is very easy. You should be lying down on your bag, and your legs should be separated. Then your arms should be placed relaxed to either side. The palms have to face the ceiling, and your fingers can curl.

If you want, you can place a blanket or a pillow under your head – all you need is to be fully comfortable and ready to take control of your breathing. It’s one of these yoga meditation poses we are sure you’ll love!

The importance of breathing

Before we conclude this article about meditation poses, we would like to share with you some information about the importance of breathing in yoga meditation. Breathing can help you to stay focused when practicing and can lead to a relaxed nervous system and a quiet mind. That’s why before you can fully get into the state of meditation, you should train your breathing technique.

You can try abdominal breathing, which is done by slowly and profoundly inhaling air, then slowly exhaling it until your belly is empty of air. You can also try alternate nostril breathing – sit down and hold one nostril closed using your finger, then breathe through the other. Exhale through the same, open your nostril, and then switch and repeat with the other. You should keep switching the nostrils and breathing a few times until you create a balance of your breath.

Yoga meditation is more than great practice that will help you relax, calm down and gain control over your mind, focus, and emotions. All you need is to feel comfortable in the position you have taken to start controlling your breathing. Once you can combine yoga and meditation – you will feel more than exceptional. Good luck with your favorite yoga meditation poses!


What is meditation?

Meditation is a technique of learning how to encourage a heightened state of mind and awareness. It teaches you how to control your mind, thoughts, focus, and attention.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation has many benefits for the mind and the body, including gaining a better perspective on your actions, being able to manage your stress levels, and being able to stay more focused on the present. Furthermore, the practice is great for mental health because it helps with problems such as sleep issues, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and headaches.

What is the connection between meditation and yoga?

Meditation is an essential part of yoga. It helps in gaining control over the mind and building self-awareness. As a spiritual practice, yoga needs meditation, which is called ‘Dhyana’ by the yogis.

What are the best meditation poses for yoga?

The best meditation poses for yoga are the following: cross-legged position, virasana pose, lotus pose, tadasana, and savasana. However, it is important to find the pose that makes you feel most comfortable. That’s what we would call the best poses for meditation.

What is the importance of breathing when practicing yoga meditation?

Breathing is essential for staying focused when practicing yoga meditation. By using the right breathing technique, you will relax and calm down more easily.

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