Can I Lose Weight with Hatha Yoga?

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Can you lose weight with Hatha yoga? Well, the answer is yes! Since this practice gained such popularity worldwide, hundreds of benefits have been associated with it. And one of those benefits is yoga for weight loss.

The other benefits are connected with mental, spiritual, and personal physical development, or in other words – the creation of the best version of yourself. Today we will share with you more about the practice and how you can use it to burn some calories.

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Hatha Yoga – more about the practice

Hatha Yoga is what it was thousands of years – a practice for personal development. All around the world, it is considered a way to find the balance between mind and body. ‘Tha’ represents the moon, ‘ha’ – the sun, and hatha yoga is joining and balancing those energies.

A ‘hatha’ yoga class depends on the teacher and his practices. However, typically, it involves breathing techniques together with some physical postures. Furthermore, most of the classes end with a mediation session.

Overall, this type of yoga is considered to be the way to develop your mind and body, including:

  • Asana – postures, this is practiced in all the yoga styles
  • Pranayama – all breathing techniques that help calm down and gain control over the body and mind
  • Mantra – a way of reciting or chanting
  • Mudra – using your hands
  • Shatkarmas, shatkriyas – techniques of cleansing body and mind
  • Visualization and meditation

Hatha yoga has hundreds of benefits for the body and the mind, including strengthening the core muscles, helping with stress management, better and deeper sleep, helping with depression and mental conditions, learning how to breathe for a healthy lifestyle, and losing some weight.

lose weight with Hatha yoga
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Can Hatha yoga help you lose weight?

Let’s start with the major question – can this practice help lose weight?

According to Harvard Medical Schools researchers, one of the benefits of Hatha yoga is weight loss. It results in better mental conditions, a mindful way of accepting food, and a more positive relationship with your body.

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Last but not least, the practice is all about movement, which results in burning calories and being active. And being active is a huge problem in modern society when everyone is so focused on career.

There are different types of yoga, some more intense than others. Hatha yoga is not so intensive, which makes it perfect for people who are out of shape and need a gentle way to get back into shape. So, the answer seems optimistic – many people practicing Hatha yoga are losing weight, or at least not gaining more.

Hatha Yoga and mindfulness

You may ask – what is the connection between mindfulness and weight? Well, a developed mind increases your awareness on different levels. This includes understanding how food affects your spirit, mind, and body. This practice will give you the ability to have control over your mind and body, which will lead to a better lifestyle.

In other words, practicing Hatha yoga will make you more resistant to unhealthy foods such as junk food, and it will also help you gain control over your hunger, comfort, and impulsive eating.

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Even though mindfulness may not directly affect losing weight, it will help you improve your relationship with food, eventually leading to not overeating.

Furthermore, you should not be practicing if you have a full stomach, which leads to healthy food, and less eating. After a Hatha yoga session, you will feel better and more nutritious, resulting in craving unprocessed and healthy foods.

lose weight with Hatha yoga
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Burning Calories with Hatha Yoga

Even though Hatha yoga is considered more of a passive action, some poses and practices are much more physical than we expect. If you want to burn calories while practicing yoga, you should choose this kind of class or look for online videos of more active yoga practices.

As you already know, calories are essential to gaining and losing weight. Practicing Hatha yoga can help you burn some of those, depending on the time you spend on it. There is one general rule – if you are heavier, you will burn more calories than a lighter person performing the same activity.

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For example, if you do one hour of yoga daily and weigh 56 kg, you can burn around 220 calories. If you are heavier, and your weight is 83 kg, you can burn about 400 calories per exercise hour.

Does Hatha yoga tone your body? Yes, it does! One of the most significant benefits of this practice is that it not only increases the flexibility and strength of the body but also tones it and strengthens the muscles. By improving the muscles’ flexibility and exercising while practicing Hatha yoga, you will definitely tone your body by utilizing the energy from the stored fat.

How often should you do Hatha yoga to lose weight?

Can I use this yoga to lose weight in 7 days?

Well, you can’t do yoga and lose weight in 7 days. This is unrealistic, especially if you are not on a diet too. However, practicing Hatha yoga as often as possible will result in losing some weight.

If you practice at least three times per week for at least one hour, you will see results in a month.

However, if you do Hatha yoga five times per week, balance your eating, and keep moving, you may see results sooner. Of course, if you are a beginner, you should not start training so often. 20-minutes per day is a great start. It will help you build the needed flexibility and strength without causing injuries.

Combining yoga classes with other activities, such as swimming, walking, and cycling, is a great idea. However, having at least one day off per week is essential.

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You can start by doing some Hatha yoga at home. Some poses you can include in your routine are:

Sun Salutations – at least 20 of them must be done each time. If you want to increase the intensity, you can hold some of the positions for a more extended period or speed up the movements.

Boat Pose – this pose will engage your body to the fullest. It will engage your core and help you in reducing stress. Furthermore, it is great for burning some belly fat.

Plank Pose – you can do between 10 and 20 minutes of plank daily. This will undoubtedly result in losing some weight.

Cobra Pose – this pose will strengthen the abdominal muscles and help you lose belly fat.

Camel Pose – the camel pose may be harder for beginners, so start slowly with it. It is excellent for your body.

There are many happy Hatha yoga weight loss stories because so many people have changed their minds and how they look by not giving up on this practice. If you want to be one of them – don’t give up and start practicing. It gets easier with time, and you will thank yourself in a month! Keep in mind that in the beginning, everything is more challenging.

So, let’s get back to the primary question – can you lose weight with Hatha yoga? The answer is “yes”. But don’t forget to watch your calorie intake, and drink a lot of water! Proper rest is also crucial – don’t forget to get your hours of happy sleep. More about the yogic diet you can read here! Good luck with your hatha yoga lose weight journey!


What is Hatha yoga?

Hatha yoga is a combination of breathing techniques, poses, and meditation. It represents the union of two opposites – the Moon and the Sun. Hatha Yoga has great benefits for both the mind and body.

Can I lose weight with Hatha yoga?

Yes, you can lose weight with Hatha yoga, even though the practice is not so intense, and it may take a while to lose weight. However, the improvement in the body will be clearly visible, especially if a diet is also followed.

Do you burn calories when practicing Hatha yoga?

Yes, you burn calories when practicing Hatha. If you weigh 56 kg, you can burn 220 calories per exercise hour. If your weight is 83 kg, you can burn around 400 calories per hour.

How often should you practice Hatha yoga to lose weight?

In order to lose weight with Hatha yoga, you should practice at least five times per week and balance your diet. If you are a beginner – 20 minutes per day is more than enough. If you are a pro – you can practice much longer.

Can I lose weight in 7 days by practicing Hatha yoga?

Losing weight in only a week is unrealistic, especially if a diet is not being followed. However, practicing yoga will definitely result in losing weight in the long term. You will most likely see results in a month. Good luck with your Hatha yoga weight loss!

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