Embarking on a Journey: When to Start Yoga During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is the best time for doing yoga since some postures can help during your pregnancy and ease the birth. For many people, the big question is when to start yoga during pregnancy. When is the first time when they have to go to a class?

The most honest answer is that every stage of pregnancy has different positions that can be enjoyable both for the mental health and physical well-being.

Prenatal yoga allows the body and mind to feel good and relaxed by releasing all stress with good breathwork, opening the areas in the body where you feel tight, and connecting on a deeper level with your growing baby. It can also reduce lower back pain and stress levels, and make you feel better in general. Some people believe prenatal yoga could even improve the delivery process when the time comes. We should not underestimate the mental benefits as well.

When starting prenatal yoga classes, you will learn lots about breathing techniques and birthing positions alongside helpful mantras, birthing affirmations, and visualizations. This type of practice has started recently and aims at helping all mums-to-be at having a more positive birthing experience. If you have a good yoga teacher, you will see progress very fast while your body changes.

Another good reason to go to prenatal yoga is that you get to meet other expectant moms and stay in touch before and after the birth. You can make great friends by participating in such activities and later on go to playgroups together.

When to Start Yoga During Pregnancy

Starting yoga when pregnant should be done 14 weeks prenatally if you have never done yoga or after the 12-week scan. This is done since miscarriages happen more often before the 12-week mark, and you might have less energy levels due to severe fatigue or sickness.

Remember that there are no links between miscarriages and yoga, so of course, if you exercise regularly, you can continue as long as you feel good. It’s always a good idea to listen to your body for these things.

When you’re in the first trimester, you might feel exhausted, so doing very gentle yoga asanas during pregnancy can help you rest, relax, and have a great time.

If you have conceived with IVF, we advise you to wait a couple more weeks, which means 19 to 20 weeks, to ensure that the implantation is going well. The chances of miscarriages are also high when it comes to IVF, and cases of having twins are also high. So be cautious and proceed if the midwife has given you a pass.

when to start yoga during pregnancy
How to pick the right moment to start yoga while pregnant?

Note that postures that should be avoided are closed twists, inversions, lying on your tummy, or different postures that work around the abdomen.

You should also avoid deep postures since you want to be more stable around the joints and not push your body too much.

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Prenatal yoga is a gorgeous practice that embraces your feminine energy and powers you through this period in your life. You connect with the pelvic area and release all tensions, plus you will feel more aligned with doing a natural birth.

There are many benefits of yoga for both the baby and the mother, so moms-to-be need to consult their doctor about the intensity and time to exercise.

Good Advice on Starting Yoga During Pregnancy

If there are no major health issues, pregnant women should start yoga once they find out that they’re pregnant. You can do yoga without any issues in the first three months but avoid Hot yoga.

However, you should consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime. Prenatal yoga teaches us to recognize the signals the body sends to prepare for birth.

Regular yoga classes can also improve the nervous system, and if you feel nausea in the first months, this is the signal to exercise slowly. 

The good news is that most doctors let pregnant women do exercises from the second trimester because the morning sickness gets less and women are more comfortable.

When it comes to places for practicing yoga, many studios do yoga for pregnant beginners. You can attend regular classes that offer low-intensity yoga that can adjust well to the pregnant body.

Some yoga studios even offer yoga for pregnant couples, which is a gentle way for the partners to connect on a deeper level. 

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You can also attend special prenatal yoga studios that offer different types of intensity for the various stages of pregnancy.

Last but not least, you can do online classes that fit your schedule during the week and do it in the comfort of your home.

Restorative yoga is a great practice for calming the mind and body and is especially good for first-time yoga for pregnant beginners, so give it a go, too. It’s a great way to make your pregnancy even more awesome!

when to start yoga when pregnant
Doing prenatal yoga safely – what do you need to know? (Photo: Ömürden Cengiz / Unsplash)

Doing Prenatal Yoga Safely

Prenatal yoga has fantastic postures to help mums relax during their pregnancy, and oftentimes the trainers adjust the poses for each woman if needed. Most of these yoga poses early pregnancy is aimed at an easier birth and a clearer mindset. And having some special time as well!

If you practice yoga at home, you should be careful which prenatal yoga poses to avoid or do.

The best yoga poses in pregnancy are Warrior II, Half Moon position, Pigeon, Figure Triangle, Fixed Angle Posture, and more. These are good hip-opening poses that can improve the flexibility of the body.

Yoga asana with side stretches are side plank poses, Gate pose, and variations of them. Other positions include the cat-cow pose, which can position the fetus in the best position.

Pregnant women can also try the standing position by putting their feet at a hip-width, especially since the abdomen will grow.

Bowing to the Sun is another good alternative for pregnant women while in the yoga studio.

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Some poses to avoid are those with excessive stretching since the hormone relaxin is produced during pregnancy, and it can soften the inflexible body parts like ligaments to make room for the baby.

Therefore stretching poses can impose serious injuries, and trainers must pay attention to the mums’ knees.

Poses with twisting, jumping, and rapid breathing are also prohibited. Those with twisting like Ardha Matsyendrasana can compress the uterus and internal organs. Instead of these movements, women should turn from the shoulders or twist away from the front legs, making the abdomen more roomy.

Jumping poses can release the fertilized egg from the uterus, so they must be avoided by expectant mothers.

Rapid breathing poses should be avoided because holding the breath or breathing quickly can be dangerous. Instead, take deep breaths through the nose and out of the mouth.

Poses with overturning are high risk for the fetus, and there is a chance you might fall, so avoid at all costs. Your changing body is not up to the task here.

Pregnant women should also avoid abdominal exercises, back bends, poses on their back, and Hot yoga classes.

Backbends like full-wheel pose can be done in the first three months if the pregnant woman is healthy and has enough flexibility. That’s when you get the green light.

Abdominal exercises like the Boat pose must be avoided except for the Cobra pose but only within the first trimester as the fetus is really small.

when to start yoga during pregnancy
You must avoid certain poses in yoga while pregnant (Photo: Tony Luginsland / Unsplash)

Sleeping and being on your back during the second trimester is not recommended, so women can do yoga by lying on their left side with cushions or blankets. This can be done by being in a cross-legged position if lying down is a challenge. It’s all about finding a comfortable position in this case.

Last but not least, Hot yoga is not recommended because it raises the body temperature, and note that some cases of pregnancies completely avoid yoga altogether. The same could be said about Bikram yoga as well.

Doing yoga during pregnancy is just one of the magical and unforgettable things that follow your pregnancy journey. You can do prenatal yoga from the comfort of your home, and going to a yoga class is another option, too. 

Nothing beats a good old yoga session that will free your mind, ease the stress, and give you some pain relief. Pregnancy can be hard sometimes, and finding a supporting community of new mothers within a yoga class is such a good moral support. You can find fellow mommies-to-be who share your journey and understand you like no one else.

Every form of exercise during pregnancy is vital for a healthy pregnancy if you don’t have complications or your doctor advises against it. Always consult your doctor before doing yoga when pregnant and stay away from it in the third trimester. If everything’s all right, regular yoga practice could be a game-changer for you. Just be aware of all safety precautions.

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Should I start doing yoga if I haven’t done it during pregnancy?

You can do yoga during pregnancy even if you haven’t done it before. Just ask your doctor beforehand to know what to do and when to stop doing it.

What does feeling nauseous mean during a prenatal yoga class?

You should stop immediately and cool down in the bathroom by drinking water and breathing, and if it doesn’t go away quickly, just go home and contact your doctor. Don’t stay in your prenatal classes if you don’t feel well.

Is Hatha yoga good during pregnancy?

Yes, Hatha yoga is great during pregnancies since it’s a more relaxed type of yoga, and it’s especially good for mums-to-be who are newbies to yoga but want to indulge in some suitable classes.

Can women with high-risk pregnancies do prenatal yoga?

No, women with high-risk pregnancies should consult their doctor and, if needed, avoid doing exercise during the length of the pregnancy. 

Can prenatal yoga be done in the third semester?

You can do prenatal yoga in the third semester if your doctor allows you and you feel physically okay to do it. Some bellies can prevent you from doing any types of asanas, so breathing techniques are the way to go. There are many benefits of prenatal yoga, and physical activity in general while pregnant.

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