How to Choose Hatha Yoga Pants

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Yoga and Hatha yoga, in particular, require a lot of practice to have your body and mind aligned. This practice also requires good enough Hatha yoga pantsa good mat, and the odd block or strap for better body posture.

You might think that it’s easy finding fitting yoga pants, but we say it can be science. Leggings, in general, are hard to find when it comes to the perfect fit. And yoga pants as a type of leggings are not an exception.

Down below, we have gathered some tips and tricks on picking the right Hatha yoga pants for you. 

Why Do You Need Hatha Yoga Pants

You will need some good Hatha yoga pants when practicing your daily Hatha yoga asanas. This is why we have your back with some tips and tricks on finding the best pair.

Activewear is essential for doing your exercises the right way and feeling comfortable. Such clothing and shoes can impact your performance, especially with dynamic or hot yoga. You will need stretchy enough pants that absorb sweat and make you feel good. Yoga pants should also fit your body shape and lifestyle.

Let’s see some of our suggestions for finding the best Hatha yoga pants.


The length of your Hatha yoga pants depends on the type of yoga you will be doing. For example, for Hot yoga, you will need some yoga shorts. Yoga pants could be irritating and hot to the skin. Our tip with yoga shorts is to bend over when trying them to see how much skin gets exposed. Suppose you don’t feel comfortable with the length of the shorts. In that case, you can try getting Hatha yoga pants with breathable material.

When it comes to dynamic yoga, you will need some long-fitted yoga pants, fitted-cropped pants, or yoga shorts. They are good activewear that adjusts to your body while doing your sequences.

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The shape of your Hatha yoga pants is another factor since the pants can be loose or form-fitting. However, if you don’t feel comfortable showing your form, you can pick from options like bootleg pants or straight-leg ones. Such cuts balance your shape and flatter your hips better.

Restorative yoga is the best Hatha yoga sequence that needs loose-fitting pants to provide comfort for your body. High-waisted yoga pants are our favorite since they can be very flattering compared to low-waisted ones. 

On the other hand, if you are doing Vinyasa, you will need some quality form-fitting yoga pants to let you move freely. As mentioned, such a cut is suitable for faster yoga flows like Ashtanga or Vinyasa.

Materials and Sources

Material is critical when choosing your favorite Hatha yoga pantsYou should look out for materials that absorb sweat and breathe easily. Such pants can keep you cool and dry. Let’s take a look at popular materials used for yoga activewear.


Synthetics are the number one material used for activewear since it breathes better and dries faster. The most common synthetic materials are spandex blends because they stretch better. However, one of the worst qualities of synthetic materials is that odor tends to linger more.


Cotton Hatha yoga pants are best for leisure than for doing yoga since cotton can hold moisture. However, if you are doing calming or gentle yoga, cotton is good because of its softness.

Some yoga pants even have blends with elastane and cotton that can provide comfort and flexibility.


This material in Hatha yoga pants is very popular because of the comfort, softness, and easy breathing of the material. Bamboo repels odor easily, so you can try the bamboo pants with a pair or two.


Making your clothes from recycled materials is an excellent way to help save the planet. Sustainable products and ethically produced Hatha yoga pants are the future of yoga activewear. Make sure that you research your brands and their way of work.


Thick Hatha yoga pants are never good since they need to be stretchy to provide comfort. The best pair is very lightweight and comfy but without being too light and see-through. You can do a little yoga movement when trying them on to see if you feel confident.


With Hatha yoga pants aesthetics, an important thing is to find the colors that suit you best. For example, light colors can be more see-through as you wash them. It’s a good idea to avoid yoga pants with ties, straps, bows, or other accessories to them. Such extras can be very challenging when doing poses, so keep your yoga pants very minimalistic in design.

Hatha yoga pants
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Hatha Yoga 101

Hatha (forceful in Sanskrit) yoga is a type of yoga that uses more physical movements rather than meditation practices.

This particular yoga practice is about balancing your body and mind. Some people say that “ha” stands for the sun and “tha” represents the moon. So, Hatha yoga joins these energies together to create a smooth flow.

Hatha yoga posesusually have a gentle pace, and the practice usually includes mantras, pranayama breathing, or mudras (hand gestures).

You can find variations of yoga like Ashtanga or Vinyasa; their main difference is the flow of poses. Hatha yoga usually moves slower and holds the poses for extended periods as opposed to Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Usually, studios have different approaches to the different yoga types, so ask your teacher.

Hatha Yoga Benefits 

Hatha yoga benefits are numerous, and Hatha yoga for beginners is an excellent place for anyone to start their journey.

The slower pace of Hatha yoga can be less intimidating for beginners and allow them to get familiar with the poses.

You will work on relaxation, alignment, and building flexibility and strength in these classes. The daily Hatha yoga practices include mudras, asanas, pranayama, and mantras that create energy for the body and mind.

It’s interesting that bad habits like smoking, alcohol, and drugs are mainly caused by toxins in our bodies. By doing Hatha yoga, we release those toxins and start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Daily Hatha yoga also improves aging, regulates hormones, improves immunity, and even healthy blood flow.

Hatha yoga studios are usually accessible, and you find plenty of courses in person or at home. You can search in Google “Hatha yoga near me,” and tons of results will pop up. We have some small tips for your first practice to keep in mind and enhance your experience:

  • Always notice your breath and make deep inhales and exhales while placing a hand on your belly to feel it. Do that for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Meditation is excellent after managing your breath to let your thoughts drift and then let them come back naturally. You can do that after the asanas when in practice.
  • Asanas or yoga poses let you work through Hatha yoga while practicing breathing. They are a practical way to notice your breath and keep it stable.
  • Savasana is an excellent way to relax after practice, so don’t skip it. Just dim the lights, put on calming music and relax fully.   
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Hatha Yoga at Home

Practicing hatha yoga at home with your comfortable hatha yoga pants, blanket, and pillows is a fantastic way to relax.

You just need to follow the next simple steps to have maximum enjoyment out of your practice.

Make Your Comfortable Spot

The best thing to do is to have an extra room in your house and make it your yoga space. But you can also turn your living room or bedroom into a small yoga space for a while. Try to find a peaceful area where you can use a wall for a prop. Get some candles or incense sticks to make the atmosphere even more zen.

Try to remove any furniture so you are free to do the asanas the right way.

Purchase Yoga Accessories and Be Safe

The most essential yoga accessory is a yoga mat alongside some extras like blocks or straps. 

Hatha yoga pants are essential for activewear since they keep you comfortable and prevent injuries. Equipment such as mats, blocks, pillows, and yoga pants make your practice safer and nicer. They soften your movements and adjust your posture. Another way to make your practices even safer and more comfortable is to warm up before doing poses.

Pick a Yoga Routine

Picking a yoga routine is essential depending on the state of mind you are in that day. You have to ask yourself whether you need something like vinyasa flow or something soft to make you more active.

After knowing what you want to do, it’s up to you to carve out your practice alone or with a tutor. In each Hatha routine exercise, the key muscles of Hatha yoga are the agonist, antagonist, and synergist muscles. 

Apart from the muscles, each routine focuses on different mindsets you want to enhance, like stability, calmness, and more.

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Use Savasana for Relaxation

A step from yoga practices that some people don’t enjoy is savasana which is the relaxation at the end of the practice. 

We recommend that you don’t skip this part since savasana is vital for you to reap your Hatha yoga benefits.

This pose, also called the corpse pose, provides relaxation to each muscle and nerve.

You can even do the following modifications:

  • To relax your mind and eyes, you can put a cloth over your eyes to block any light.
  • You can place a block or a sandbag across your lower abdomen to relax it fully.
  • To support your neck, you can put a folded blanket under your head and neck so your chin is slightly lower than your forehead.
  • You can put a rolled-up blanket under your knees to relax the lower back.


Keep practicing! Yoga is something that needs to be practiced at least once a week to be beneficial. You can do it every day or three times a week. 

Don’t set out to have goals and feel like a failure when you don’t do yoga a number of times. Simply set realistic goals and remember that even 10 minutes a day of yoga are great.

Also, keep in mind when purchasing Hatha yoga pants to take a look at their material, style, and sustainability.

We hope that you fall in love with Hatha yoga and make it a part of your daily routine.


What is Hatha yoga?

Hatha yoga is a practice that includes breathing, postures, relaxation, and meditation. It is popular all around the world as a way of achieving better mental health and positive physical condition.

Why do you need Hatha yoga pants?

Hatha yoga pants are essential for doing the exercises correctly and feeling comfortable. The right clothing will improve your performance and will absorb the sweat during more intense practices.

Of what material should be your Hatha yoga pants made?

The Hatha yoga pants should be made of breathable materials that absorb sweat and keep you dry and cool. Some of those materials are synthetics, cotton, bamboo, and recycled materials.

How long should be your Hatha yoga pants?

The length of the Hatha yoga pants depends on the type of practice you are doing. For more intense yoga, you better go for shorts or for pants made of breathable material. For not-so-dynamic yoga, you can get the normal length or long-fitted yoga pants. Choose the ones that make you feel good and are most comfortable.

How to choose the right yoga pants?

When choosing the right yoga pants, you should consider the material and the length. Make sure you are choosing a piece of clothing that makes you feel comfortable, it’s stretchy enough, and, most important – makes you feel confident.

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