How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make in 2023?

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How much do yoga instructors make? The answer to this question may be straightforward, but it depends on many factors. These include your location, experience level, and whether you’re doing it part-time or full-time.

Some yoga teachers enjoy a luxurious lifestyle because of their career, while some barely pay the bills. It’s a very hands-on career. The more experience you have, the better you’re equipped to teach.

In 2015, CNN ranked yoga instructor as one of the Top 10 careers to adopt. If you are considering pursuing a career in yoga, then you are in the right place.

We wrote the article to answer all your queries and let you decide whether it can be a fantastic career for you. By reading the article, you’ll be amazed to know how much these wellness professionals make.

Let us look at some insights into how the yoga industry is doing. And how much do yoga instructors make for their teachings.

The yoga industry has grown drastically over the past few years, and as of 2020, it was worth $80 billion. Meanwhile, almost 300 million people around the globe practice yoga, and this number continues to grow.

The above picture is of a study conducted in the US by the Yoga Alliance in 2016. The study suggests that the number of yoga practitioners in the US in 2016 reached 36.7 million.

And one of the solid reasons for this massive amount of yoga practitioners is that yoga provides mental peace and happiness. The stress level in our societies has increased severely. People want to practice yoga to reduce stress and improve their physical and mental health.

With so many yoga practitioners, there have to be passionate yogis to guide them along the process. In fact, teaching yoga is a fantastic feeling of joy, but not all of us can become monks teaching just in exchange for good karma. Yogi teachers, too, need to make a stable source of income.

Yoga teachers get paid in a variety of ways. Let’s explore them in more detail.

How much do yoga instructors make?
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How much do yoga instructors make an hour?

The hourly rate of yoga instructors is highly dependent on their experience level. Those with around 4 to 9 years of experience are considered mid-level instructors. They make an average of $29 per hour. However, this may increase to $43 once they reach the senior level having ten years of experience.

As a beginner yoga instructor, you won’t get prime slots in studios or gyms, so you have to accept whatever is offered to get yourself in and slowly build your profile.

Instructors with 20 or more years of experience can expect to earn around $48-$60 per hour. Yoga instructors who teach part-time make less money due to their fewer hours.

The hourly pay model could be lucrative for instructors whose classes vary in length. They can charge the studio owners for the extra time they’ve taught.

yoga class
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How much do yoga instructors make per class?

How much do yoga instructors make for one class? Yoga studios, after all, are a form of business that needs profit to survive. Instructors who generate more money for the studio get paid more. The average yoga instructor’s earnings per class can pocket between $30 to $90.

On average, each student pays 1$ to 3$ for attending each class. It means the instructor’s pay depends on the number of students attending the class. If more students show up, you are likely to make more money.

If an instructor has 20 students, they’ll make $30 to $90 per class. This model can make you a handsome amount of money, but it also has some disadvantages.

If no one comes to class any day, you’re not paid a single penny despite your efforts to show up and prepare for the course.

The presence of students may also vary according to the time of the year. For example, if some students have their summer holidays, they won’t show up, so your income can fluctuate the entire year.

How much do yoga instructors make a year?

How much do yoga instructors make for one year? Earning a 6 figure income yearly is a dream that many yogis aspire to, yet only a few can achieve this target.

The average pay rate of a yoga teacher in the United States per year is between $13,000 to $100,000. However, their salaries may differ. Most of the instructors make below $30,000, while only a few can earn above $300,000 a year.

As stated by Yoga Alliance, there are almost 100,000 registered yoga instructors in the US. How are you going to stand out in the crowd?

Well, some notable factors mentioned below can decide your income as a yoga instructor. By keeping them in mind, you’ll be able to secure more profits and enjoy every step in your teaching journey.

How much do yoga instructors make
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Factors that can define your income as a Yoga Instructor


How much do yoga instructors make around the world? Your location as a yoga instructor can significantly impact your income. There will be a higher demand for yoga instructors in big cities. Still, unfortunately, the cost of living is also higher.

But no need to worry; you also can conduct workshops and private classes to fully fill your expenses.

Your income will also depend on the number of yoga studios in a particular area. If there are multiple studios, it may affect your income because of the competitive market. It can be challenging to attract students and secure high-paying gigs.


How do I gain experience?

Well, there is no shortcut to gaining experience. Like in any other field, you need lots of practice and experience to be a subject matter expert.

To gain experience, you need to teach as much as you can. You can teach at studios, gyms, or local community centers. In time, it’s going to increase your yoga instructor pay as well.

To teach at a well-known and established studio, you should have a yoga teacher training certificate. Multiple schools and organizations offer these certificates.

Once you are certified, you can expect to earn more. As you gain more experience and establish yourself as an authority in the yoga industry, you’ll have more negotiating power and can charge higher rates.

Pro tip: never hesitate to negotiate your pay so that you are fairly compensated.


You must pick a niche and specialize in being well-known in the market. There are different niches in the yoga industry, like kids‘, prenatal, acro, etc. Choosing a niche will help you find your ideal student.

Choosing a niche can be confusing. One of the best methods to select a niche is to look for the one you find most attractive and feel passionate about.

Niching allows you to be an expert. Once you select any niche, you spend all your energies in that area; thus, you become a subject matter expert.

Advantages of getting a niche:

  • Increases the chance of getting more referrals.
  • You will have expertise in a specific niche which will boost your credibility.
  • It helps in being selective with your clients so that you can choose to work with those who genuinely need your services.
  • Tips to up your pay scale quickly.
  • Create an Online yoga course.

After the pandemic, distance learning has increased drastically. Hence you don’t need to be physically present in the class anymore. In fact, you can teach from the comfort of your home and make a stable income.

If you teach in a yoga studio, you are limited to a small group of students. Still, you connect to a global audience if you build your online presence. This way, you’ll be able to expand your reach and thus make more money by selling your course.

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You just need to plan a fantastic course and then market it. It would be an incredible source of passive income from the comfort of your home.

Think of it from an entrepreneurial mindset. Diversifying your income streams will help you make your business more sustainable in the long run.

yoga class
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Write for yoga publications

Most yoga instructors are independent contractors, or you may call them freelancers. Writing for yoga publications is one such example of being an independent contractor.

If you have a passion for writing, it can be a perfect opportunity to maximize your income. You can write yoga-related articles for websites while sharing your knowledge and insights with a wide range of audiences.

Look for publications searching for freelance yoga writers and offer your services. You can also create your own website and publish content.

This way, you’ll get an opportunity to learn more and create a strong network in the yoga community. It will also help you stay up to date and follow the latest trends in the yoga industry.

Offer private yoga classes

No wonder the number of yoga studios is increasing daily, and classes are filling up fast. But at the same time, many students don’t prefer to practice in large groups. They need personal guidance and are searching for instructors to assist them.

By offering private classes, you get a chance to work with various students with different needs and goals. Private classes may not bring in a significant amount of money upfront but think of it as an investment towards a goal.

You and the students will establish a strong sense of trust and respect. This way, you will be able to build a solid and dedicated student base, leading to a consistent income over time. They’ll keep coming in the future.

You will be recognized as a successful and respected teacher. You can offer private classes online, too, on platforms like skype or zoom.

Final thoughts

So, how much does yoga instructor make?

Remember teaching yoga is not just a job but a passion in itself. Yoga instructors play a vital role in promoting society’s physical and mental well-being.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this career is the opportunity to help others. Your aim should always be to help others. Be open to any kind of feedback and adhere to your values. This will help you reach places in no time.

P.S.: So, now we hope you already know how much do yoga instructors make. If this article has inspired you in any way, we encourage you to spread the word on your favorite social channel!


How much do yoga instructors make an hour?

Depending on experience and location, yoga instructors can earn between $29 and $43 per hour.

How much do yoga instructors make per class?

It’s estimated that the average yoga instructor makes between $30 and $90 per class.

Is teaching yoga a good career choice?

You can be well-paid if you teach yoga, but at the same time, you should invest in your skills and gain experience.

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