Tantric Hatha Yoga: The Art of Self-Love and Understanding Yourself

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When hearing Tantric Hatha yoga, or red Tantric yoga, most people associate it with tantric sex. It may sound similar, but it differs significantly from the sexual practice. Tantric Hatha yoga is much more than that. When it comes to red Tantra, this is more about the deep connection that can be built between a couple with the help of sexual intimacy.

However, Tantric Hatha is not sexual but much more profound, created with the idea of learning the art of self-love and understanding your body and mind.

Today we will tell you more about the practice of Hatha Tantra Yoga. We will share some of its benefits, Tantric Hatha yoga poses, and more! You will also learn more about the Tantric yoga definition.

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Hahta yoga and Tantra

Hatha yoga is an ancient practice focused on getting the body, breathing, and mind into a state of balance where the person practicing is entirely calm. Hatha is a metaphor for the word ‘union’ – two opposite things joined together. In Sanscrit, ‘Ha’ means the sun, and ‘tha’ means the moon. The sun is a representation of heat, while the moon – is of coolness.

Okay, but what can make Hatha yoga Tantric? The Tantric traditions date more than thousands of years back. It is believed that the whole Universe is just a manifestation of the Devine, which makes all spiritual practices that use the body Tantric. Now you probably know why Hatha yoga and Tantra are perfect together!

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What is Tantra yoga?

Well, this is a combination of physical and spiritual practice with one goal – to help you get a deeper connection and understanding with yourself, which will result in accepting that self. It’s the beautiful essence of Tantric Hatha yoga.

What is Tantra Hatha yoga?

Tantra Hatha yoga is a practice whose principle is connecting the body and spirit, resulting in self-love and understanding. It is a combination of Tantra and Hatha yoga, which goal is not to work out or to become flexible but to chatter the mind and to become more self-conscious.

Tantric yoga is focused on mental clarity and spirituality. It does not require much physical action but a lot of concentration. Most of the poses in Tantra Hatha will look the same as the other regular yoga poses. Still, one main difference will be focusing on the connection between body and mind.

So, when practicing Tantric Hatha yoga, you should be prepared for slow motion, relaxed poses, and mental practices. Furthermore, there are different types of Tantra yoga – you can do it alone, in a group class, or with your partner. Some types may include more meditation and breath work, and others may focus on chanting and using a mantra – it all depends on the teacher leading the class.

Tantric Hatha Yoga
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Benefits of Tantric Yoga

Like all other yoga practices, Tantric yoga has excellent benefits for the mind and body. However, most yoga practices may help lose some weight and tone up the body. In contrast, Tantric yoga is more about the spiritual and mental benefits.

As we already mentioned, Tantric Hatha yoga is not focused on the physical benefits since the poses are very slow. However, the increased strength and flexibility of the body can be one of the side benefits. Some poses may positively affect mobility, the strength of the muscles, and the balance of the body.

Furthermore, some great benefits such as improved sleep, reduced pain in the body, better memory, clarity of the mind, and high concentration will be seen. Most people practicing Tantric Hatha yoga have increased self-esteem, which leads to lower anxiety and stress levels.

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As a person who practices Tantric yoga often, you will love yourself more and be more intimate and confident about your sexuality.

The spiritual benefits of Tantra Hatha yoga are a lot. Basically, you will have increased states of acceptance of yourself, feel gratitude, and learn more about unconditional love, appreciation of beauty, and observation without needing to judge.

How to practice Tantric yoga?

If you are new to Tantra practices, you must prepare yourself for the process. At first, you will have to prepare your space, even though you can do it almost anywhere with a stable floor. However, it is much better to do the practice in a relaxed atmosphere. So, clear your room and remove all the objects that may distract you.

Secondly, you have to prepare your mind. Take around 10 minutes to clear your head, focusing on your breath and connecting deeply with your body. You can also drink some water and, most important – turn off all devices that may distract you during the practice.

Remember that this type of yoga can be practiced by anybody – all you need is to have the right video, visit a good class, and be motivated enough to develop your mind, body, and health!

You should never push yourself too much in Tantric Hatha yoga! Your body has limits, and you should learn how to listen to them. Don’t forget – yoga is not about being fast. It is about taking your time, carefully moving from position to position, with purpose. You have to be focused on your breath since this is one of the most essential sides of the practice.

Furthermore, if you have decided to practice Tantric yoga for couples – find the right person. It is not a sexual practice but is intimate and builds excellent connections between people. It is emotional, so only the right person will make it feel good.

tantra yoga
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Tantric yoga poses

No specific Tantric yoga sequence of the poses has to be followed. You only need to ensure you are not pushing yourself too much. Do the poses that make you feel comfortable. Today we will share with you some of the most popular Tantric yoga poses that will help you to get into the practice.

Half Boat Pose – the half boat pose is good for increasing confidence and self-worth. You must be lying down on your back while keeping your legs straight. Then you should press the tights together and lift the heels off the ground. Engaging the core by drawing the tailbone toward the heels is essential. You have to hold this position for two breaths and then bring the left knee to the chest. Hold for another two breaths, switch sides, and hold for another two breaths. You can repeat it up to 10 times.

Corpse Pose – the corpse pose is suitable for relaxation. You have to be lying down on your back with your legs separated. The arms have to be resting alongside the body. Then, you have to tuck your shoulder blades for more support, take a breath and stay in the position for as long as you want to.

Warrior I – a pose perfect for opening the chest and building confidence. You have to be standing with the feet hip-width apart. Then you should step with the right foot in front of the left and bend the right knee. The left leg has to be kept straight. Then, you must face the right food and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Lift your arms over your head straight and hold for one minute. Then switch the sides.

Mountain Pose – great alignment and body love. You have to be standing right feet hip-width apart. Then, you should plant the feet on the floor and engage the quads by lifting the kneecaps. The spine has to be kept aligned. Take a breath and lift the ribs. Take around ten breaths.

Empty Lakebed Pose – great for mastering the breath practices. You must be lying on your back, stretching your arms above the head, and interlacing your fingers. Then, inhale and lengthen the spine. Hold your breath and take the belly inward. Exhale and repeat 10 times.

Tantric Hatha yoga
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Tantra Yoga for couples – what should you know?

One of the most popular variations of Tantra yoga is Tantra yoga for couples. It is one great way to build intimacy and connection without getting sexual. It is important to note – this is not Tantric sex. Tantra can be red and white. The red tantra is related to sexual contact, while the white one – is to poses, mind, and breathing techniques. (read here about the different Tantra colors)

This is not a bad decision if you have chosen to try tantric sex. Your goal will not be to have an orgasm but to move the sexual energy through the whole body, resulting in healing, transformation, and enlightenment.

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One of the most essential rules you need to follow during the practice of Tantric Hatha yoga is to have eye contact with the partner during poses where you are face-to-face, especially if he is your romantic partner. In addition, we will share with you some of the most popular poses you can try with your partner.

Hand-on-heart position for building a connection

This position is excellent for beginners in Tantric Hatha yoga – you should be sitting in a cross-legged position, face-to-face with your partner. Your right hand has to be placed over his heart, and his right hand – over yours. Focus on his heartbeat and breath, and experience his energy. This position is not about stretching but relaxing and developing a deeper connection.

Yab Yum position for building intimacy

Your partner should be sitting in a cross-legged position on the floor, and you should be sitting on his thighs, wrapping your legs around him. Your arms should also be wrapped around your partner, and your foreheads must be touching. Focus on breathing and heart rate, maintain eye contact, or close your eyes.

Child pose for relaxation

This pose is perfect for stretching and building a connection in Tantric Hatha yoga. All you need to do is get into the child’s pose with your partner but extend your arms. Your right palm should be faced down, and your left palm – faced up. Lock your palms with your partner’s and feel the connection.

Tantric Hatha yoga is much more than relaxing your body and mind. It is a way of becoming aware of yourself, starting to understand yourself, and, most important – loving yourself. So, if you have decided to start your Tantric journey, then you are definitely on the right path, and maybe – the best one!


What is Tantra yoga?

Tantra yoga is a combination of physical and spiritual practice with one main goal – getting a deeper connection and understanding with yourself, which results in abundance and acceptance.

What is Tantra Hatha yoga?

Tantra Hatha yoga is a practice of building a connection between the body and the spirit, which results in self-love and understanding. The goal of this practice is not working out but more chattering the mind and becoming self-conscious. The focus of Tantric Hatha yoga is clarity and spirituality.

What can you expect from Tantra Hatha yoga class?

You should expect relaxed poses, slow motion, and mental practices. There will not be a lot of movement and working out since the focus will be on spirituality. Some classes may include meditation and breathing, while other may be more focused on chanting and using a mantra.

How can I practice Tantric yoga?

First, you should choose if you want to practice on your own or if you want to practice in a group class. If you will practice at home – prepare a quiet space and relaxed atmosphere. Clear your mind, focus on your breath and connect with your spirit. Put on a guide, follow it and relax.

What are the benefits of Tantric yoga?

Tantric yoga has mainly mental and spiritual benefits. The poses are slow, but they result in increased flexibility and strength of the body. Some of the benefits include improved quality of sleep, clarity of mind, higher concentration, and reduced pain in the body. It can also result in lower anxiety and stress levels.

Is there a difference between Tantric yoga and Tantric sex?

Yes, Tantric yoga for couples is not sex. Tantric sex is considered the ‘red’ side of the practice and is related to sexual contact, while Tantric yoga is the ‘white’ of the practice, which is about poses, breathing, and the mind. It builds a great connection between the participants who are going through poses together and enhancing their spirituality and relationship.

What to do if I’m a tantric yoga beginner?

Don’t worry. Everyone starts from somewhere! Just be consistent in your practice, and you will become an expert in no time!

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