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General Terms of Use of gohathayoga.com


Please read these General Terms and Conditions of Use of gohathayoga.com carefully to the end. Before using the website (from now on, referred to as “the site”). These “General Terms and Conditions” represent an agreement between gohathayoga.com and You. You have the right to use the services provided by the site for personal and non-commercial purposes, only in compliance with all terms and conditions set out below. These general terms and conditions bind only you, as a user of the website and gohathayoga.com. By loading the website, you agree to be bound by these “Terms and Conditions” and any subsequent changes made to them and abode by them. In the event that you do not agree with all of the “Terms and Conditions” listed below, please do not use gohathayoga.com. Users have the right to use the site’s services only for personal/non-commercial purposes. Gohathayoga.com is not responsible for the user opinions expressed on the site.


The terms used later in the document, within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions, have the following definition:

“USER” – any individual using any of the services of gohathayoga.com “SUPPLIER”


– Headquarters and address of management

– Registration in the public register of the Registry Agency:

“SERVICES” of the site include:

– Access to the site’s information resources/data provided by the web browser.

– Commenting, rating, and reporting already published opinions on the site.

– Receiving emails from the users subscribed to this service.

“MALICIOUS THIRD-PARTY ATTACKS” – actions or inactions of third parties that are contrary to the rules of Internet ethics, given not only DoS (Denial of Service) but also data theft, defacement, server intrusion et al.

– Offering services and goods to users by email, telephone, or another direct way possible.


All rights reserved. All intellectual property rights over the information materials and resources published on the site are subject to protection under the current “Copyright and Related Rights Act”. The unregulated use of information materials and resources posted on the site is a violation of law, which involves civil, administrative, and criminal liability, in full compliance with applicable Bulgarian law. The user can quote information from the site, but he/she is responsible for its authenticity. It is obligatory to indicate the source when citing. Links to materials from the site (gohathayoga.com) on a user’s website are allowed only with the express consent of VIBES DIGITAL LTD.


Gohathayoga.com makes every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on the site, without this, including the possibility of accidental inconsistencies. Gohathayoga.com is not responsible for consequences, including any damages related in any way or caused by the access, use, or inability to use gohathayoga.com. Gohathayoga.com is not responsible for the content, accuracy, and legality of links to Internet pages, as well as services or resources that have become available to the user while using the site. Gohathayoga.com is not responsible for the subjective perceptions, interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources on this site. Gohathayoga.com is entitled to compensation for all damages, as well as costs and claims of third parties, which are a consequence of the violation of these General Terms and/or unregulated use of the services of the site.


Gohathayoga.com reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time by promptly posting those changes on the website, together with a message containing the changes made to the Terms and Conditions.The current Bulgarian legislation shall apply to all issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions.


The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria apply in all disputes arising from the interpretation and implementation of the General Terms and Conditions, and they will be resolved by the competent court. The current Bulgarian legislation applies to all unresolved issues associated with these General Terms and Conditions.