The Best Time of the Day for Practicing Yoga

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Have you ever wondered if a specific time during the day is considered the ‘perfect time’ for doing yoga? If you have – you are not the only one. Many people are asking this question, but there is no universal answer. It entirely depends on your schedule, on the way you feel, and of course – on your preferences.

Yoga is a personal practice that requires time, effort, and concentration. This means you can not do it anywhere at any time but when the person is most comfortable with his surroundings. There are different times during the day when you can practice yoga, and each has its benefits that we will discuss today.

Yoga Practicing in the Morning

Many people believe that the morning is the best time to practice yoga before the sun has risen because by doing this, you can use all your body’s natural energy. You can hardly do this in a studio, but you can definitely do it at home. Other people believe that morning practice is excellent for enhancing calmness and clarity for the day.
In addition, choosing this time has its benefits. As the first moment of your day, you will surely not miss practicing yoga today. Furthermore, your mind will remain clear and fresh, and you will not be thinking about the day that has passed. If you have had a good sleep – you will indeed feel rested. And maybe the most significant benefit of the early morning practice is giving a great tone and mood for the rest of your day.

However, practicing yoga in the morning is not for everyone. If you are not a morning person and prefer to drink coffee or stay in bed – having to practice yoga may not be suitable for you. In addition, you will not warm your body up because it was lying all night in bed. This means that the risk of injury is higher.

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Yoga Practicing in the Afternoon

Even though the afternoon is not considered the best time for practicing yoga, some people prefer to do it before dinner. They believe it is a great way to relax and build some appetite for dinner.

There are many benefits of practicing in the afternoon – it will give you a mid-day break and help you get some rest after the working day. Furthermore, knowing that you will do your favorite practice in the afternoon will motivate you to go through the day. We can not forget to mention that the practice boosts endorphin levels and help you to deal with mid-day tiredness. Last but not least – your muscles are warmed up, and it is less likely to injure yourself.

However, practicing in the middle of the day may lead to missing the practice. Something can come up, and you can lose your time for yoga. Furthermore, the practice will not be pleasant if you have eaten soon. And if you have chosen a more intense yoga session, you may be uncomfortable showering and continuing your day.

Yoga Practicing in the Evening

According to many yogis like Restorative, Yin, and Yoga Nidra – the evening is the best time for practicing yoga. (read more about Yoga Nidra here) Why? Because it is a sacred time during the day and can help you deal with all the daily stress and exhaustion.

The benefits of practicing yoga in the evening are many – it will help you fall asleep easier thanks to the great relaxation you will feel. It will help you clear your mind after a long day and lower all your stress levels. After all, one of the most significant advantages of yoga is releasing stress, and it is more than awesome to release anxiety before you go to sleep. Last but not least – practicing during this time of the day will help you absorb calming energy and make your evening g much better.

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Are there disadvantages to practicing in the evening? Yes, there are. If the day is too long, you might not have the energy to practice, especially if you prefer more intense styles. Furthermore, having the chance to lay on the couch and watch some Netflix movies may be very tempting and result in not practicing today.

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When NOT to practice yoga?

Yes, there is a time during which you should not practice yoga. The only moment is immediately after you have eaten a meal. This means immediately after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Why? Because the poses will definitely not be a pleasant experience for your body if it needs the energy to digest the food you have taken at this time.

Make sure you have at least two hours between eating and practicing. This will ensure that your body is full of energy for the practice, it will enhance your mood, and you will get the most out of the yoga session.

So, as you can clearly see, the best time to do yoga is the time that suits you best. If you prefer to start the day with practice and feel like it is giving you energy and enhancing your mood for a good day, do it in the morning. If you have time in the afternoon and feel like this is the best time for you, do it in the afternoon. If you prefer to finish your day with meditation, poses, and breathing techniques to release stress – do it in the evening.

Listen to your body and mind – they will tell you when they feel like practicing. There may be days when you wake up and feel fulfilled with energy and want to work out, but there may be days when you prefer to lie in bed. It does not matter if you practice at 7 am today and tomorrow at 9 pm – it is all about what makes you feel good and comfortable.


What is the best time of the day to practice yoga?

The best time of the day to practice yoga is the time when you feel most comfortable with it. The time when you feel like doing it. Listen to your body and mind, and remember – some days it may be better to do some yoga in the morning, while others – the evening may be a better decision – it is all about your time schedule.

Why practicing yoga in the morning is good?

Practicing yoga in the morning is great for filling yourself up with energy and enhancing calmness and clarity for the whole day. It is one amazing way of giving a good tone and enhanced mood for the whole upcoming day.

Why practicing yoga in the afternoon is good?

Practicing yoga in the afternoon is good for taking a mid-day break and getting some rest after the working day is over. It works as a motivation to go through the rest of the day, and boosts the endorphins levels, which results in dealing with the mid-day tiredness.

Why practicing yoga in the evening is good?

Practicing yoga in the evening is great for dealing with daily stress and exhaustion. It helps to make falling asleep easier and clear your mind after a long day. Furthermore, it helps you absorb calming energy and make your evening better.

At what time not to practice yoga?

It is not good to practice yoga immediately after you have eaten a meal because the body needs its energy for digestion, not for working out. So, you better practice at least two hours after eating your meal.

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