The Perfect Yoga Pose for Two People (Or More)

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Yoga is a comprehensive practice filled with fantastic opportunities and advantages. But did you know there are yoga poses for two or even more people?

The yoga pose for two people is also called partner yoga, and the yoga poses for more people is group yoga.

In addition, all these practices are part of the amazing Acro yoga. They can be one awesome and fun way to improve flexibility, posture, and balance while becoming even closer to your friend or partner.

Acro Yoga – what is this?

Acro yoga is a type of partner yoga performed by two or more people. It has two main goals: therapeutic release and fantastic acrobatic fun. Usually, one person is called the base – he supports the other, called the flyer while performing aerial postures together. There is always a spotter whose purpose is to ensure that all people performing yoga poses group are aligned and the flyer will not fall.

But how is it possible for one person to hold another one in such poses? Well, when the legs are correctly aligned with the ankles and the hips, our body can support much more weight than we can imagine. That’s why a smaller and not-so-heavy person, placed in the correct position, can base a larger and heavier flyer.

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If you want to practice yoga for poses with people, you will surely experience some great benefits. There is no better way to become even closer than before to your family and friends. Consider Acro yoga as a type of challenge that you all need to go through together. So, let us tell you more about the benefits of the practice.

Better Mental Health and Better Relationships

One of the best benefits of yoga for two or more people is the improvement of mental health and the better relationship. You will build and improve your mental health by practicing Acro yoga poses. You will learn how to breathe, how to have fun, and of course, how to communicate with other people to perform the pose correctly. So, you will indeed socialize much more and build great relationships with people with the same hobby as you.

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Pain Relief

The group yoga poses have some physical benefits, too, such as pain relief. When practicing, you will be stretching your body, and you will improve your balance, as well as your flexibility. Furthermore, when practicing with another person, you can stretch your muscles much better than when practicing alone. This often results in pain relief in the back, the spine, the hips, and the hamstrings.

Better Communication

The solo yoga practices are devoted to meditation, deep relaxation, and connection with your inner self. When it comes to Acro yoga, it is much more about communication. To efficiently perform yoga poses for 2 persons, you must communicate with your partner and align your movements with his. This is one of the best ways to improve your communicative skills and to start sharing your needs and experiences.

In addition, this often results in conflict resolutions between partners, families, or couples. Once you learn to communicate better with the other person, you will see a positive change in your relationship.

Reduced Stress Levels and Better Sleep

Of course, as with every other style of yoga, group one will also reduce stress levels. Being able to practice these mental and physical exercises, you will feel much better, more appreciated, and of course – surrounded by friends and people you can actually trust. Believe us, this will help you to reduce your stress levels.

Reduced stress levels have thousands of benefits for the mind and body (see here how to do it). We can start with better sleep quality; you can fall asleep quickly and feel refreshed when you wake up. Furthermore, you will be able to deal with depression, anxiety, and other conditions, which will result in being much happier.

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Best Group Yoga Poses

Let’s begin with some of the best and easy yoga poses for two persons – most of these are modified versions of individual poses. We would like to advise you to start with the Double Tree Pose. It is excellent for beginners – this is a standing pose, and each practitioner balances himself on one leg. The people are holding onto each other with one or with both of their arms for support.

You can also perform the Double Standing Forward Fold as a good pose for two people. You must complete the standing forward fold facing away from one another, then reach your arms back and hold onto each other. This pose is good for stretching out the hamstrings.

Another pose you can try, especially for a better emotional connection with your partner, is the Sitting Spinal Twist. You will be sitting and stretching your neck, side, and back. Sit with your back to your partner in Easy Pose. Each of you needs to reach to one side and grab onto the other’s person hand or knee. This will gently stretch you and help you release all the stress.

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Suppose you want to efficiently perform yoga poses for 3 persons or with more than 3. In that case, you can be creative and practice the Double Joined Reclined Boat Pose, the Stacked Plank, or the Downward Dog by just using the support of the other people practicing with you. Don’t forget to always have a spotter to ensure that all of the people practicing are aligned and that nobody will fall. The spotter is essential for the perfect balance.

Tips for Performing Acro Yoga

Of course, we will conclude our article today with some tips on performing Acro yoga in the best possible way. First, make sure that if the flyer says that he/she wants to come down and feels uncomfortable – this is a rule. Come up with a magic word. Maybe ‘Down’ will work great. If you, as a base, hear the word – you need to make sure that the flyer will come down.

Next, ensure that your feet are always clean when performing yoga poses since they will touch other people’s skin. It is a good idea to wear comfortable and fitting clothes, so you or your partner will not get tangled up in clothes. You should also avoid slippery clothing – it can lead to dangerous situations.

Last but not least – don’t be too serious. This is a fun type of yoga, you will have some awkward situations and a lot of falling down, but this should not worry you – it is one great way of having extra fun and unleashing your inner child.


Can I perform yoga poses with 4 people?

Yes, of course, you can. Many yoga poses for 4 people can be performed even by beginners. You can also get creative and perform your favorite poses with your friends.

What are the benefits of yoga for two people?

The benefits of practicing yoga for two or more people are great – you will build a better relationship with your friends, family, or partner, learn to communicate better, and lower stress levels.

Can I perform yoga for three people at home?

Yes, you can perform at home with your friends. However, you need to ensure that you have enough space and a spotter that will help you stay balanced.

What is Acro Yoga?

Acro Yoga is a type of partner yoga performed by two or more people. It has two main goals – therapeutic release and some fantastic acrobatic fun.

Are there yoga poses easy for two?

Yes, there are such yoga poses – easy for two. Yoga is very couple-friendly.

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