Why Do We Say ‘Namaste’?

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Namaste – we have all heard, and most of us even said that word during yoga practice. However, have you ever thought about its meaning? Or its origins? Is it just a trend, or just something that all yogis do? Well, it is much more than that!

The direct translation of Namaste is “the divine in me bows to the divine in you.” But what does that mean? You will be surprised by this exciting and beautiful word’s history, energy, and meaning. We will share it with you today!

What does Namaste mean?

Namaste is a way of saying hello, a greeting used by yogis. It can be used for both goodbye and hello in India, and it comes from two Sanskrit words – ‘Namah,’ which means “I honor /I bow,” and ‘Te,’ which means you. Combined with ‘s,’ they make Namaste.

It dates a long way back to the Vedic period. During all these years that have passed, it was used by thousands of people, with thousands of translations, but it has always had the same meaning – an expression of respect.

Spiritual meaning of the word

Of course, Namaste has a specific spiritual meaning that makes it much more special. When a person greets another person by saying Namaste, it creates spiritual emotion.

Why? Because it means “I am paying obeisance to the soul in the other.”

We know it is on a whole new level, and it may be translated differently, but the spiritual meaning is clear – you are respectful to the soul in front of you.

Saying Namaste also creates special vibration and sends it to the receiver of the gesture. It passes positive energy, and the heart centers and chakras are ready to connect during the saying. When you say this word, you are supposed to be at the soul’s level, honest, with clear intentions, and fulfilled with love.

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Namaste in yoga

Namaste is often used as a greeting in yoga. But have you ever wondered why? Well, it is a gesture used for sending a message. The message of spiritual awakening is sent to the universe with the hope that positivity and spirituality will be given back.

If you are practicing yoga, you say Namaste to your teacher after the class to say thank you. By saying this word, you show the person in front of you that you are grateful for the class and the spirituality you shared.

How to say Namaste and make a gesture?

You have seen most yogis gesture when saying Namaste because this is more appropriate. You can also gesture by bringing both hands together and centering them in front of your chest.

Then you can make a slight motion with your head – to simply bow and say Namaste. Your eyes should be closed, and your hands should be empty. It’s a beautiful gesture.

Next time when you say Namaste, remember that you should send only positivity by saying the word. Imagine that you are creating a circle, you see your aura, the aura of the person in front of you, and you both are in a spiritual moment.

Furthermore, when saying Namaste, there is no need for physical contact. Remember that. Why? Because when there is no physical contact between two people, the chance of negativity appearing and being sent and received is minimal.

Now you know more about the beautiful word Namaste and its ancient origins. Next time when saying it, remember how important it is and what kind of spirituality stays behind! Sometimes we underestimate the power of words, but that’s not right. Words are mighty. Namaste!


What is the meaning of ‘Namaste’?

Namaste is a greeting used by yogis, a way of saying hello or goodbye. It means ‘ I honor/ I bow you’. It dates back to the Vedic period, and it is considered an expression of respect.

What is the spiritual meaning of the word ‘Namaste’?

When a yogi greets another person with the word ‘Namaste’, it creates spiritual emotion. The meaning is ‘I am paying obeisance to the soul in the other’. Furthermore, it is believed that the word creates special vibration and passes positive energy.

Why is ‘Namaste’ used in yoga?

Namaste is used as a gesture for sending a message of spiritual awakening to other people and to the universe. It is believed that by saying Namaste, you are sending positivity into the universe, and it will give it back to you. Furthermore, when saying ‘Namaste’ to your yoga teacher after class, it means ‘Thank you’.

How to say ‘Namaste’ and make a gesture?

You should bring both hands together, and center them in front of your chest. Then you should make a slight motion with your head as a simple bow and say ‘Namaste’ with closed eyes. It is important to say the word with positive emotions only, and to remember that physical contact is not needed.

Why is there no physical contact when saying ‘Namaste’?

It is believed that when there is no physical contact between the two people, there is no chance of negativity being sent and received.

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