Yoga for Kids – Why It’s a Fantastic Idea for Your Children

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You may be surprised, but yoga is not only for adults! In fact, there are many benefits of yoga for kids too. We all, including our children, live in a hurry-up world. 

Pressure, competition, school, and much more can stress our children and harm their mental and physical health. 

Happily, yoga for kids may be the best solution to this issue. Today we have prepared some information about the practice and some excellent yoga for kids poses. 

What is yoga for kids?

Yoga is a form of practice that includes specific body postures and breath control. It is suitable for both mental and physical relaxation. Yoga teaches young children how to be calm, together with how to be aware of their bodies and spirituality. The practice help kids gain self-esteem and discipline. 

Benefits of yoga for kids

Yoga has hundreds of benefits for children. Only 5-minute yoga for kids per day may have calming effects and many other positive effects on both mind and body of the young person. When a child practices yoga often, there is a confidence boost, strength growth, and better concentration. 

Overall, yoga is one easy way of improving and managing the behavior of young children. And here are some of the benefits.

yoga for kids
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Improves the regulation of emotions

Calming yoga for kids may be an excellent solution for children that have anger issues. It will teach them to stay in the present moment, relax, and control their emotions. 

Furthermore, it can have a positive effect on children dealing with anxiety because the breathing techniques that are being taught in yoga are helpful in stressful situations.

Improves the quality of sleep

Bedtime yoga for kids may have a very positive effect on the quality of sleep. Thanks to the breathing techniques and the relaxation during the practice, children feel much better and calm before going to bed. This improves their sleep quality and also helps them to sleep better.

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Boosts the self-esteem

Yoga can be the perfect way to boost the self-esteem of children. When having the chance to perfect a pose, to see the improvement of their abilities, children feel a sense of personal empowerment. Furthermore, the practice builds core strength, resulting in good posture, overall physical condition, and higher self-esteem.

Increases mindfulness and awareness of the body

Practicing many poses, and exploring the body and its abilities, is one great way of increasing the awareness of the body in children. In addition, physical flexibility is promoted thanks to yoga, and kids learn how to actually use their muscles. 

This results in knowledge not only about the body and the way it functions but also about what it is truly capable of.

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Refines the coordination and balance

One of the key elements of yoga is balance. For almost any pose, balance is required. It positively affects both the mind and body since it promotes poise. Learning how to balance is essential for the kids since it teaches them to stay focused and stand up if they fall. 

Let’s not forget – once children improvise their physical balance, there will be a sense of accomplishment, leading to better self-esteem. 

Furthermore, coordination is also directly connected to balance, which is very important for young people.

yoga for kids
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Enhanced concentration and memory

One of the best benefits of yoga for kids is enhancing memory and concentration. The movements and breathing techniques require concentration and memorization skills. Both are needed in their daily lives, so their improvement is one great advantage.

Developed strength and flexibility

Yoga for kids is excellent for developing strength and flexibility. It helps maintain mobility in all joints and encourages retention that builds strong bones. 

Furthermore, the immune system is strengthened by reduced stress and the stimulation of the lymph system. Yoga is one natural immune system booster that helps build a defense mechanism needed to live a healthy life.

Reduced impulsivity 

Yoga reduces challenging behavior among children by giving them a chance to express their emotions during practice. The calm down yoga for kids teaches them to show control their emotions and to reduce their impulsivity. Furthermore, it shows them how to be disciplined by working on their mind, breathing and body.

Teaching children yoga practice 

As you can see, there are many benefits of yoga for children. But how to teach children the practice? This article could help.

There are many videos of yoga for kids online. Still, it may be better if you, as a person practicing yoga, give your children an introduction and teach them how to love and understand the meaning of the practice. 

You can start with effortless poses. Make sure you spend no more than a minute on every pose to keep their attention, at least at the beginning. 

Some of the best poses for kids are:

  • Cow Pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Prayer Pose
  • Tree pose
  • Lunge Pose
  • Warrior 1 and 2 Poses
  • Zigzag poses

Then, it would be best to encourage the kids to do the posture correctly. Do not be too harsh, be motivating, so they can learn to be patient and overcome difficulties. 

It’s essential to demonstrate the pose yourself in front of the children before asking them to do it. If a kid is not feeling okay with the posture – that’s okay. They should be perfectly aware that the practice is a way of relaxing and making themselves feel good. So, no extra pressure should be added. 

One great way to attract children’s attention is to share a yoga story. You can do that by using postures and asking them to repeat the poses with you. 

There are many yoga games you can show, too, such as yoga cards and musical yoga. Even though your goal is to help them improve their mental and physical health – you should show the children that yoga is fun. 

When the little ones feel engaged and having fun, they do not think about anything else – they live in the moment and, most importantly, enjoy it. This helps them to gain control over their emotions, to become aware of their body, and to improve their health.

yoga for kids
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However, the practice should be fun, but the principles of yoga must be honored. So, make sure you are educating the kids on the principles of the practice, share with them the reasons we love it, and what you can achieve thanks to yoga. Have a discussion, and encourage them to share their opinion, to express their emotions. 

This is not necessarily done every session, but it should be mentioned at least once or twice.

Furthermore, do not forget the essential parts of yoga – breathing techniques and spiritual development. Make sure you begin and end the class with work on breathing and meditation

And most importantly – be patient! Children are different, and some of them may be needier than others. Remember, like everybody else, they also have problems, issues, and emotions and need patience.

Yoga for children is more than fantastic practice. If you have decided to take your children to yoga practices, this may be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Good luck! Make sure you have chosen the right course, and make sure your children feel good during the practice.


What is yoga for kids?

Yoga for kids is a form of practice that includes specific postures and breath control. It teaches children how to be calm, it gives them a chance to be aware of their bodies and their minds, and also improves their flexibility and health.

What are the benefits of yoga for kids?

Yoga has many benefits for kids, including improved regulation of emotions, improved quality of sleep, boosted self-esteem, increased mindfulness and awareness of the body, enhanced concentration, and strength and flexibility.

Is yoga for kids dangerous?

Yoga for kids should always be guided by a professional or by an experienced person. If guided, the practice is not dangerous for your children.

How can you teach yoga to your kids?

For teaching your kids yoga, you can use the help of YouTube videos, or you can take them to a yoga class. If you will be showing the practice to your kids, make sure you are not spending too much on poses, meditation, and breathing, because they may lose interest. Make it as interesting as possible by using stories and yoga games.

How long should a class of yoga for kids be?

It fully depends on your children – if they are interested in the practice, you can do longer sessions. If they are losing interest, you better focus on shorter, more interesting ones. Do not practice more than an hour per day, at least at the beginning.

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