Yoga for the Eyes – Everything You Need to Know

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Yoga for the eyes – now that’s interesting.

Yoga is a practice with endless varieties and benefits. Most people go for this because they feel overwhelmed by their daily life. But did you know that yoga can be helpful for people sitting at their desks for hours every day staring at screens too? Well, now you know.

Today we will focus on one of the best but least-known styles – yoga eyes. These yoga eyes exercises have hundreds of benefits for physical and mental health. Even though some people believe this is just a ‘trend’, yoga eyes are one great way of improving your vision and eye health. Even Healthline wrote about it – read here.

What is the Yoga of eyes?

Yoga eye, also known as yoga eyes exercises, is built of specific movements that can improve vision and strengthen the muscles in the eyes. Those yoga eye exercises are helpful for other conditions, such as near-slightness, dry eyes, and eye strain.

But why is this practice called yoga eyes? Well, because it is all about stretching and strengthening the muscles of your eyes, the same thing you will do with the muscles of your body while practicing Hatha yoga, for example.

Even though there is no scientific evidence available to support the claim that the yoga of eyes can improve some specific conditions or give vision clarity, thousands of people believe in this practice’s positive effects.

Benefits of Yoga eyes

Most eye-related problems come from no flexibility or tone in the muscles of the eyes. As you probably already know, yoga poses are focused on the improvement of the function of specific organs of the body. That’s why yoga eyes exercises can improve the eyes’ function and deal with some eye-related issues.

So the first and maybe the most significant benefit of yoga eye exercise is maintaining and straightening the eye muscles. This keeps them flexible and reduces the chances of eye disorders. Furthermore, one of the things that can cause tension in the body or pain in the head is tension in the eyes. With yoga eyes, you can relieve that tension, resulting in many benefits for the whole body.

According to many yogis, yoga eyes can reduce the risk of developing diseases connected to the eyes. Furthermore, near-sightedness eye exercises can improve peripheral vision and eyesight in two or more practices. The yoga eyes exercises are also known as a good way of improving your level of concentration, as well as calming your mind.
Yoga of eyes is perfect for these people who spend a lot of time in front of screens since it can help relieve the strain on the eyes. This will result in better vision and less harm made by the time in front of the screens. In addition, this practice can also lead to relief from the widespread dry eye syndrome.

yoga for the eyes
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How to practice Yoga for the eyes?

If you want to practice yoga eyes, you can do it at home or wherever you want. You do not need some specific equipment, even though a yoga eye pillow may be a good option sometimes. You can practice yoga eyes before or after any other style or as a completely singular exercise. According to yogis, it is a good idea to do eye exercises before going into poses of your body because it will result in much better balance and focus.

You need to find a calm and quiet place to practice yoga for the eyes. You also need to feel comfortable – sitting down, lying, or even standing – it is up to you. Find the pose that is most comfortable for you to practice. We will give you tips on performing some of the best yoga eyes poses, but if you want, you can go for the yoga for eyes YouTube video. A professional instructor will guide you through the practice, which may be very helpful.

Best Yoga eyes exercise

There are some great yoga eyes exercises that you should perform if you have decided to give this practice a try. So, if you want to do yoga eyes at home, here are some of the best exercises you can try. Make sure you have splashed your eyes with cold water before you start, and keep your head and spine straight throughout the whole workout.


You need to sit with your eyes closed and breathe to relax. Then you should start rubbing the palms of your hands until you feel warmth – once you feel it, place your palms over your eyelids. Imagine how the warmth is transferring onto your eyes, and your muscles relax. Stay in the position until your eyes absorb the warmth. Repeat the process with your eyes closed at least three times.

Sideways viewing

Sit with your legs straight in front of your body. Lift your arms and look at a point in front of you on the same level as your eyes. Do not move your head; start rolling your eyes from the left to the right thumb. Repeat 30 times and close your eyes for some relaxation.


Maybe the most effortless yoga eyes exercise is blinking. You should be comfortable sitting and flash 10 times very quickly. Then close your eyes and relax and repeat four more times. Make sure you are breathing well.

Focus shifting

Stick one of your hands as far as possible and raise your thumb. Then sit up and look ahead. Focus on your thumb. Move your arm slowly and keep following the thumb with your eyes. Then move the arm in the other direction, followed by your eyes, without moving your chin or head. Repeat this several times.

Near and distant

Go to the window, or somewhere, where you have a good view of the horizon. Focus on the tip of your nose for 5-8 seconds, and then focus on the horizon. Do this 20 times, and then close your eyes to relax a bit. Make sure you are breathing too.

Eye yoga is an outstanding practice for maintaining and toning your eye muscles. Even though there is no scientific proof that it can help, thousands of people give positive feedback and share good results after their yoga eyes journey. So, if you want to give it a try – do it. We can certainly say one thing – it will not negatively affect you.

yoga for the eyes
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What are Yoga eyes?

Yoga eyes is a practice of maintaining and toning the muscles of the eyes with some yoga exercises.

How many yoga poses are there in Yoga for the eyes?

There are many different exercises you can perform as yoga for the eyes. We advise you to use a good YouTube guide and follow the practice.

Can Yoga for the eyes improve my sight?

Most eye-related problems appear due to bad health of the eye muscles. Performing yoga exercises regularly can result in minimizing the risk of eye diseases. Even though there is no scientific proof that yoga can improve your sight, many people believe it can.

Can I practice Yoga for the eyes while practicing Hatha yoga?

Yes, you can practice both of the styles. Experts advise you to practice yoga eye before practicing Hatha yoga for better focus and balance.

Can I practice Yoga for the eyes at home?

Yes, you can practice Yoga eyes at home. You can practice wherever you want as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

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